A house with a real fireplace can be magical, especially at Christmas when the logs are burning bright.  But with a real fire there comes certain responsibilities. We hope this information is informative and helpful.  Its here to keep you and your family safe and not to frighten you.  If you have any queries, please phone, text or email  Elite Chimney Sweeps and ask our advice, its free!

  • Maintenance of the chimney is a necessity to prevent Carbon Monoxide poisoning.  Chimneys should be swept regularly.
  • Appliances that use gas or burn fossil fuels should also be well maintained and serviced regularly.
  • Carbon Monoxide detectors should also be fitted to your home.

The Institute of Chimney Sweeps recommend the following:

Smokeless Coals: Once a year
Wood: Once a year when in use
Coal: Twice a year
Oil: Once a year
Gas: Once a year

Elite Chimney Sweeps also recommend having a Carbon Monoxide detector in your home. The prices for these can vary, but you can purchase from the internet or a local D.I.Y. store for under £10.

Below are some useful videos which are well worth looking at.  These videos will show you the dangers of CO2, and also explain where and how to fit CO2 detectors in your home.

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