It is an uncomfortable time for us all at the moment with the Coronavirus. We all need to take care, especially the elderly, vulnerable and very young. Elite Chimney Sweeps have taken measures to negate the threat of spreading the virus.

All appointments will consist of our staff wearing new face masks and new gloves on arrival. Both the masks and gloves will be worn throughout the visit. No direct contact with any of the occupants need occur. Safety is still the priority.  Chimneys still need to be swept, so if you need to have your chimney swept, please call us on 07974 100484

Because of the Covid 19 epidemic we are facing, new safety measures must be implemented. These are as follows:

1. Explain at the time of booking that I will arrive wearing PPE equipment, and that the customer must keep at least 2m away.

2. Exclude the customer from the working area, and close the door.

3. If a window can be opened before arrival to help air circulation, that would be appreciated.

These measures seems a bit extreme, but we have to adhere to them.